Our Vision

To enrich youth via an institution that sustains cycles of success in education and careers

Our Mission

Our after-school enrichment program offers 1:2 tutoring for all the scholars enrolled. The program is designed to reiterate commonly overlooked concepts and principles. After 55 minutes of intimate sessions, the student can then transition to homework help. We believe team-building and peer tutoring also helps to create an academically rich environment. Currently, our tutoring program is held in the Louisville Central Community Center, and we have over 75 young scholars enrolled at this time. Sowing Seeds with Faith is now the largest after-school enrichment program in the west Louisville area.

Our vision is to become better, so we can do better, only to expect better. We plan to change the environment our students are exposed to so we can change the expectations our kids are held to. We aim to provide our children with opportunities so that they can become products of success and greatness.


“I was a boy with a dream until I became a man with a purpose. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”
— Da'Marrion Fleming, President